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Some ideas for fun things to pick up while in Spain

1. Books

Guia del turismo gastronomico en Espana 2011 / Gastronomic Tourism Guide in Spain 2011

guia gastronomico

Dining Secrets of Andalucia

dining secrets andalucia

2. Flor de Sal


3. Saffron


4. Paellera- no idea how to get it on the plane!


5. Good Sherry: Fernando de Castilla Amontillado


6. Agua de Azahar (perfume)

azahar adolfo

More Spanish Fragrances

Agua de Loewe by Perfumes Loewe
Azahar by Adolfo Dominguez
Halloween by Jesus Del Pozo

The Spanish Kitchen

Olive wood gifts- salad bowls, salad tongs, mortar and pestle, etc
Wine “Bota” (wineskin)
Glass Wine “Porrón”
Basque Cider Glasses
Hand Blown Glass from La Granja
Paella Cookware (a “Paellera” is a paella pan)
Olive oil serving cans with handle

More Gourmet Goodies from Spain

Olive Oil (look out for Arbequina based oils)
Aged Sherry Vinegars (great value and special)
Bomba rice
Piquillo Peppers (they come jarred or canned)
Wine, of course!
Marcona Almonds
Romesco sauce (from Catalunya), Mojo Picón sauce (from Canary Islands)
Olive Pates

Spanish Music

Concha Buika- Mallorcan singer of African parents specialized in flamenco fusion, amazing
Paco de Lucia– classic Spanish guitar maestro
Andres Segovia– Paco de Lucia´s inspiration
Ketama- Spanish flamenco fusion
Carmen Paris- modern Spanish fusion singer, amazing voice
Milladoiro- Spanish Celtic music from Galicia
Diego el Cigala– Bebo and Cigala is amazing, Dos Lagrimas is fabulous, Cigala and Tango is new

Great Books set in Spain

The Last Jew by Noah Gordon
The Cathedral of the Sea by Ildefonso Falcones
Shadow in the Wind by Carlos Ruíz Zafón
Journey to the Alcarria, by Camilo José Cela